Over 3,000 Rohingyas in Thailand with no proof of nationality

More than 3 million Rohingya live in many countries worldwide, having fled their hometown of Yakai State in Myanmar 35 years ago. The president of the Rohingya Association in Thailand, Sayeed Alam, revealed that the Rohingya in Thailand are living in difficult conditions due to the lack of any nationality proof that enables them to live in Thailand to access medical services education or work. Alam appealed to the Thai government to allow about 4,000 Rohingya people to live legally and not to ask for identification papers because their country considers them outlaws. It is difficult for them to travel to it.

President of Rohingya Association of Thailand Siyeed Alam has said,
“I’ve lived in Thailand for 35 years. It’s tough with no legal papers. There’re around 3 or 4 thousand of our Rohingya people living in Thailand, but the government insists on proving our nationality, and Myanmar keeps on denial. This is troublesome. We can’t get our proofs so things get more difficult. Kids cannot go to school. Adults cannot find jobs. Without people, you will be arrested just for going out. Some of us sell Roti; some do daily works. We can only hide.”

“It’s bad. Bad. Our Rohingya people, especially in Thailand, are ignored because we live here illegally. Now, we cannot earn money. All daily workers are facing difficulties – school fees, rental fees, everything. We, Rohingya, are having a hard time ever since COVID-19 spread.”

“We are pleading the Thailand government for no proof. Can’t it be like in the past, the employer can register their foreign workers? Please don’t request proof. As Myanmar denying us, 4 to 5 thousand people became outlaws – hiding, hard to travel, hard to go to school, hard to work. We are asking for your kindness towards our Rohingya people. No need to grant us Thai nationality. Just allow us to live legally so we can work, we can feed ourselves, we can see each other. No need to make us Thai citizens. You don’t have to.”

–    A24 News

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