Pahanthudawa clip uploaded by a female – Police

The infamous sex clip near the Pahanthudawa waterfall in the Belihuloya area in Balangoda has been uploaded to the internet by a female, the Police Headquarters say.

It is said that the Computer Crimes Division is also conducting an investigation on this clip, which was widely circulated in social media.

Since the Pahanthudawa waterfall is located in the Ratnapura district, SSP in charge of the Ratnapura division NDD Weerasinghe has been questioned by the media and was told that investigations were initially done to ascertain the location.

Although legal redress should be sought against those who are behaving in this manner in a public space, the location, the waterfall and the couple must be identified correctly first, he has said.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Nihal Thalduwa has also drawn his attention in this regard, reports say.

(Source – Mawbima) 

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