PB Jayasundera will probably have to go home soon…?

Secretary to the President Dr. PB Jayasundara’s service to the country so far is “quite enough”, says Dilith Jayaweera, Head of Derana Media Network, a close adviser to President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

He had written this on his official Facebook page as follows.

It is no secret that the role of PB Jayasundara has been highly questionable to a number of top government officials and officials in recent times. It is also no secret that he was facing various charges.

Meanwhile, if Dilith Jayaweera, a close adviser and friend of the President, has also said that the service of PB is “quite enough” and that he is making it public on social media, it indicates that PB Jayasundera will probably have to go home soon.

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