Police probe top cop who offered money to cover up girl’s death at Rishad’s house

Divaina newspaper reported that an officer known as “Nawaz” has made these undue interference and intimidation on the death of 16-year old Ishalini Jude.

The officer concerned has served as the Personnel Security Officer of Rishad Bathiutheen for sometime and is very close to the family of Rishad.

It is learnt that this officer who is serving at the police headquarters has attempted to conceal facts about the death by offering money to her parents.

The officer concerned has met the family members of the dead girl and offered Rs 50,000 to settle the matter out of courts. It is alleged that the officer has intimidated the parents into not proceeding with the case.

The officer is alleged to have forced the parents and other family members to consider this as a suicide and not to continue the case.

These facts came out when the parents and close relatives made their statements to the police.

 Special police team is now investigating the details of the mobile phone used by this officer.

Sources said the officer could be arrested on the charges of intimidating the witnesses, offering bribes and several other allegations.

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