President postpones Devala polls!

It is reported that the President has postponed the election of 15 of the 31 devalayas that fall under the Temples and Shrines Ordinance.

It is said that the election has been postponed in 7 devalayas in Kandy, 4 devalayas in Badulla, 3 devalayas in Kurunegala and one devalaya in Kataragama.

Other devalayas in Kandy where the polls have been postponed are Ambakke Kataragama, Wallahagoda Kataragama, Ganegoda Kataragama, Alawatugoda Saman and Gadaladeniya Vishnu Devalayas.

The election was held at the Pattini Devalaya in Kandy in November last year and those involved in the constituency allege that the defeat of the pro-government candidate is the reason for the postponement.

It is reported that this is the second time that the President has postponed the polls of the Kandy  devalayas including the two main Kataragama and Vishnu devalayas. 

According to the Act, the President can postpone the election of the Devalaya by one year each on two occasions.

Elections to the Pattini Natha, Pasgama Sri Natha, Dodanwela Natha, Wegiriya Natha and Lankathilaka Vishnu temples in Kandy are scheduled to be held from February next year.

However, the Devinuwara Devalaya election was held last month.

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