President stresses commitment of the youth is essential to win the economic struggle

* President stresses commitment of the youth is essential to win the economic struggle

Fri, Aug 5, 2022, 08:29 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Aug 05, Colombo: Sri Lanka President Ranil Wickramasinghe said that he is ready to work transparently with the protesters and the youth when he met with a group of Galle Face protesters today.

Mr. Wickramasinghe pointed out with facts that the need is now to win the economic struggle and said that he expects all the young men and women in the struggle ground to contribute in every way to the victory of that economic struggle.

A special discussion was held today (05) at the President’s office between several factions of the Galle Face protesters and President Ranil Wickramasinghe.

The President emphasized that he is against undemocratic politics and violence and that those who are working for only suppression should stop the ragging and come forward for a good social democracy through the university process itself.

“One of the main reasons why our university system is collapsing today is ragging. Strikes continued all the time.” The President said that it is not possible to move a country forward by strikes, and that the tasks to be done for the country should be fulfilled as well as reaching a mediated place through negotiations and winning the demands.

The President asked the protesters to form a main group representing all the strugglers and mentioned that representation of all religions and women is also essential for that group.

President Wickremesinghe said with the support of the state, he would like to propose the Colombo Fort floating market and several other places to support the needs of the youth and requested the protesters to prepare a formal proposal with the intervention of the majority of the strugglers and submit to him.

The President said In that process, it should be made into a center where libraries for education, facilities for political studies, music, art, theater and other youth skills and needs can be fulfilled.

The President said that lifting the state of emergency as soon as possible is important for the economic and social stability of the country and due to the existing conditions, it also has an impact on the governance of the country.

The President said that it has been reported to him that a problematic situation has arisen regarding the LGBT community due to the emergency law and he has informed the Attorney General to prepare the necessary legal background to remove it.

Furthermore, the President pointed out that proposals have already been submitted to him from several parties regarding the establishment of public assemblies and said that he will discuss the program with the appropriate parties next week.

The parties representing the activists demanded that necessary measures be taken to stop the illegal or arbitrary arrests of the activists and protesters involved in the peaceful public struggle.

They also pointed out that many of the protesters who have not done anything wrong are afraid to leave the struggle ground because of the arrests.

Noting that the most difficult part of the struggle has now begun, the activists also mentioned that there should be a revolution in the thoughts of the entire people of the country.

They pointed out that the young generation carried out this struggle to create great hope for the country with unlimited dedication, and it is their expectation to achieve a positive result in a constitutional manner.

They also suggested that a speedy reform process to bring the country to a regular and stable state, including educational reforms and social reforms should be instituted.

They stated that the progress of the struggle of those who are looking for the advancement of the country lies in the agreements made through discussion and dialogue and they believe that democratic measures will be taken for that purpose inside and outside the parliament.

The protesters said that it was a unique achievement of their generation that the youths were able to achieve a number of big victories for the country and the people of the country through the struggle.

They said the people who appreciate democracy in the whole world are evaluating this struggle and because of that the country got the world’s attention.

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