Project to quarantine Indians in Habarana!

The General Secretary of the All Ceylon Medical Officers’ Association (ACMOA) – Dr. Jayantha Bandara says that a procedure is in place to quarantine around 600 Indian nationals in Habarana before they depart to other countries.

He requested responsible authorities not to carry out such measures at this juncture.

If such a tourism programme is being carried out, it should be done through a proper quarantine process, he pointed out.

Increase PCR – RATs instead of distributing porridge
Dr. Jayantha Bandara also urged authorities to increase the number of PCR and Rapid Antigen Testing instead of spending Rs. 6,000 million to distribute porridge packs throughout the country.

We have reached a point where Covid-19 has been brought under control with the sacrifice of all parties. However, doubts are being raised whether the attempt to pass cabinet papers to distribute porridge packs at a staggering cost of Rs. 6,000 million is another shot at abandoning Covid-19 mitigation efforts, he stated.

Dr. Jayantha Bandara said that although the ACMOA had no objection to giving public porridge, he pointed out that people are able to prepare it themselves if they are given the recipe.

Therefore, the ACMOA suspects this is an attempt to further waste taxpayer money.

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