Purpose of quarantine curfew lost if travel isn’t curtailed – GMOA

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) said the purpose of quarantine curfew is lost if travel movements are not curtailed and that each person is socially responsible for upholding it.

GMOA member Dr. Prasad Colombage stated that just a declaration of a lockdown does not reduce the numbers of deaths or infections.

He further stated that a lockdown should limit at least 90% of travel to have any significant effect. The quarantine curfew currently in place is showing desired results in certain areas whilst the others are lagging behind, he said.

Look at Central Colombo

Crowded streets in central Colombo was reported by Lankadeepa newspaper, with traders and the public not bothering to properly wear masks or maintain social distance. This is in the backdrop of a Health Services warning that the Delta variant is rapidly spreading in Colombo.

Meanwhile, the status in Kiribathgoda, Kelaniya, Wattala, Ja-Ela and other urban areas are not much different , with retail sales continuing unabated to congregating consumers.

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