Ranil ‘repaying’ Basil’s loan – AKD

JVP leader – Anura Kumara Dissanayake likened the newly appointed group of state ministers to a group of cattle released to honour religious vows that are allowed to just roam and idle (Pin Wasso).

Speaking at a media briefing held yesterday (10), Mr. Dissanayake slammed the government for spending exorbitant amounts on a large group of state ministers despite the skyrocketing cost of living and the prevailing economic crisis in the country.

He said that the phone bill of one state minister alone is Rs. 40,000.

Noting that the government should be focusing on resolving the issues faced by the people on a daily basis, Mr. Dissanayake says that instead, they are focused on resolving the internal issues of the government. The President is focused on resolving issues of the 134 MPs who voted for him, he added.

“At a recent party convention, President Ranil Wickremesinghe said he had advised to pay back even if one’s grandparents took out a loan. Mr. Wickremesinghe’s presidency is also something loaned by Basil Rajapaksa. Now, in terms of paying back, 29 SLPP MPs have been given state ministerial portfolios. It is being further settled by giving state ministerial portfolios for 6 SLFPers and 2 SJB members. Apart from that, more Cabinet Minister posts and District Coordinating Committee chairman posts have also been given,” he stated.

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