Ravi signals red light as doctors’ strike to continue!

Ravi Kumudesh, convener of the Federation of Health Professionals, says the so-called “national” wages policy being pursued by the Government Medical Officers’ Association must be crushed.

He vowed to stand unconditionally with anyone who crushes the so-called national wage policy.

He also stressed that he would challenge anyone to an open debate on the consequences of 6/2006, which paralyzed the health service, disintegrated the collective, expelled 1.5 million public servants and created a Brahmin caste.

The Convener of the Health Professionals added that although they had expressed their support for the strike of medical officers, their last two demands attempts to reverse the struggle of the teachers, and nursing, paramedical and paramedical professionals.

Doctors’ strike continues today

The Government Medical Officers’ Association says the strike will continue until there is a positive response to their demands.

Its member Dr. Prasad Colombage stated that several other trade unions have decided to support their trade union action today (23).

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has been on strike since yesterday, based on seven demands, including annual medical transfers.

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