SB says fear attributed to rise of Covid-19 deaths (Video)

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna MP – S.B. Dissanayake has said that people need not have any unnecessary fear over COVID-19 deaths.

‘The fear itself attributes towards the increase in COVID-19 deaths,’ he has said.

He pointed out that according to data from NPR and Reuters, COVID-19 is the sixth leading cause for global deaths, with cancer, smoking, alcohol, suicide, and Malaria ahead of it.

“Therefore, we shouldn’t panic, and make an individual commitment to follow all medical guidelines when the country is reopened, and take the country forward. That is my personal opinion,” he said.

‘We cannot do what the US, Australia, and New Zealand are doing, We are facing a serious foreign exchange crisis,” he added.

The MP’s remarks came as the country’s death toll looms near the 7,000 mark.

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