Significant rise in Cyberbullying cases in Sri Lanka: SLCERT

COLOMBO (News 1st): There is an increasing trend in the rate of pornographic and inappropriate content being released to cyberspace against the backdrop of children being directed to online learning methods, the Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team (SLCERT) warned.

Around 15,000 online abuse cases were reported last year; the rate of cyberbullying through social media outlets has significantly increased in the country, SLCERT noted.

“With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people started to use online platforms, with children also being directed to the use of online learning methods. Around 8000 cases of cyberbullying through social media outlets, were reported during the 1st six months of this year,” Ravindu Meegasmulla, the Spokesperson for Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team said on Friday (Jul. 30)

According to Meegasmulla, there is a clear rise in the rate of cyberbullying cases compared to last year.

“It is impossible to move ahead without using technology. Therefore, we must use technology in a safe manner,” he emphasized.

Commenting on how to ensure the safety of children from online abuse, Ravindu Meegasmulla stressed the importance of restrictions such as ‘Parental Control’ options, when allowing children to use online learning platforms, via electronic devices.

Whilst emphasizing the importance of parents being aware of such technological options with regard to online platforms, Ravindu Meegasmulla said, “Those who are unaware of how to activate such parental controls can contact SLCERT via 011 2 691 692 for assistance in this regard.”

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