SJB organiser accused of killing woman in Kegalle!

The investigations have revealed that the woman found dead inside a room at the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) office in Kegalle was killed by SJB Kegalle Organizer Lakshman Dissanayake.

Police sources said that many forensic evidences have been received to confirm the killing, and that action could be taken against Mr. Dissanayake once the fingerprint report of the firearm is received in the next few days.

The investigation and forensic evidences have revealed that Mr. Dissanayake was having a conversation with the victim inside the room.

Media reports said Mr. Dissanayake was the first to enter the room and then the woman had followed.

It was reported that the woman was sitting on the bed inside the room and Mr.Dissanayake had fired shots her as a result of a dispute between the two. 

The post-mortem has confirmed that the shot was fired from above the woman’s head while she was sitting and she was shot in her neck.

The police also said the forensic report showed that the bullet had hit below the neck and punctured through the chest area.

The investigations and scientific evidence had also shown that the death was not a suicide. The police said the firearm had been placed in her hand to stage a suicide.

Police information revealed that several fingerprints were found on the firearm and it was clear that it did not belonged to the victim.

Accordingly, the fingerprints of Mr. Dissanayake have been taken for comparison and the police said that they will be able to reveal more crucial details about this murder once the fingerprint report is received.

The murdered woman had closely associated Mr. Dissanayake for almost 10 years.

The police have received information from investigations that she has worked in the SJB office and she has also kept logs regarding the transactions of Mr. Dissanayake’s businesses.

The police said the victim was to be married to a Grama Niladhari Officer but Mr. Dissanayake had objected to the marriage and as a result, she was killed following a dispute between the two.

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