SL objects to excessive interference of UN

Foreign Minister – Minister Peiris has said that Sri Lanka has always engaged and will continue to engage purposefully and cordially with the United Nations but objected to the excessive interference into the internal affairs of the country.

Prof. Peiris had made these comments while meeting newly appointed envoys representing 17 countries at the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday (21).

The Minister objected to the setting up of a ‘special mechanism’ by the UN whose sole purpose was to collect data to use against Sri Lanka. He stated that there was no way of knowing what the data was and therefore had no opportunity to test the truth in these allegations.

The Foreign Minister called for the empathy of the Ambassadors and High Commissioners present and their backing to Sri Lanka in the international platforms stating that it was important for the UN to support the efforts made by a country to get back on its feet and not tear it down.

He pointed out that local institutions must be given the space and time to carve out solutions that sustain the culture and ethics of an individual country.

He had concluded the meeting by inviting the Ambassadors to Sri Lanka join the celebration for the upcoming National Day in February 2022 and stated that Sri Lanka looks forward to stronger bilateral relations and cooperation in the UN arena.

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