SLBC drone causes outrage

A drone flying over Ruwanweliseya in Anuradhapura, during a live telecast of the chanting of Rathana Suthra on 31 August has caused outrage and a complaint lodged at the Anuradhapura police, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.

Chief prelate of the Ruwanweliyseya (Chaithyaramadhikara) Pallegama Hemarathana thero has protested over the act and the incident has been brought under control with the intervention of the police, who took the drone into custody.

The drone was controlled by Sagara Sampath, a social media advisor for SLBC and owner of an internet radio channel. Sampath has reportedly sent the drone over Ruwanweliseya to prove the belief that devatha eliya (divine light) is visible during the chanting of the Rathana Suthraya.

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