SLPP PS member arrested over bank robbery

A SLPP member of Rajanganaya Pradeshiya Sabha was arrested in connection with the attempted robbery of Rs.22.3 million outside a private bank at Thambuttegama yesterday (26).

A police sergeant of Thambuttegama successfully thwarted the robbery by manhandling the two armed robbers.

A businessman from the area had come in his vehicle to deposit money in the private bank located in Thambuttegama city at around 2.00 pm yesterday.

When the businessman was walking to the bank with the cash, the two robbers on a motorcycle had attacked him with their firearms, snatched the bag containing money and had escaped.

When the businessman fell to the ground, the two security officers of the bank immediately took him inside the bank.

At that time, several bundles of money in the bag had fallen on the ground near the road and it caught the eye of a police officer who was riding a motorcycle.

When he inquired about it, a woman screamed and said that a robbery had taken place.

Accordingly, the police officer who acted immediately chased the two robbers and tried to prevent them from escaping.

One of the robbers had pointed his firearm at the police officer’s chest, but the officer managed to avoid it by attacking him.

As a result, the escape attempt of the two robbers was hampered and the police officer had manhandled them.

The bystanders had also come to his aid and the robbers were caught.

The two suspects, aged 48 and 50, are residents of the same area and a 12-bore firearm, 12-bore ammunition and a Manna knife were taken into police custody.

Despite the risk, police Sergeant Buddhika Kumara (42313) who is attached to the Various Complaints Division of the Thambuttegama Police prevented the robbery by taking fearless measures.

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