SL’s recognition of Taliban, left the country a ‘laughing stock’ – UNP

The United National Party (UNP) has questioned the decision of the Government of Sri Lanka to officially recognise the Taliban as the governing authority in Afghanistan.

In a statement to the media, UNP Member, Sudath Jayasundera, stated that Sri Lanka’s recognition of the Taliban has made the country one of the first to acknowledge the group’s ascent to power.

The government has rushed to embrace the Taliban while the rest of the world is proceeding with caution, the statement says that this has been done ‘in haste with no proper consultation.’

‘It has left the country a laughing stock on the international state,’ the statement adds.

“For Sri Lanka to recognise such a group, they will have to immediately issue an apology to the global Buddhist community over the destruction of the Bamiyan statues,” it further notes.

The statement has also raised concerns over the Taliban’s continued mistreatment of women.

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