Some media owners are the ones who advise the president on the organic fertilizer program – Shashindra

State Minister of Organic Fertilizer Shashindra Rajapaksa says that since some media owners have advised the President on the government’s organic fertilizer program, no ignorance should appear in news reporting.

Q. Is there any program to make news producers aware of this organic fertilizer program? Maybe it’s because they don’t know the whole scenario, only one side is being reported,?

“The owners of some media outlets are members of our Presidential Task Force. I cannot say the names. So they cannot say they don’t know, they were the ones who advised the President. If you want, I can say two or three names. “

Minister of State Shashindra Rajapaksa stated this addressing an online media briefing held at the Presidential Media Center yesterday (28).

He said that some agriculture officials were deliberately refusing to educate farmers about the organic fertilizer program and that action would be taken against them in the future.

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