Speaker delays proposal to increase MPs’ medical insurance

It is reported that a proposal has been submitted to the House Committee of the Parliament over increasing the medical insurance of MPs.

The annual medical insurance for MPs is Rs. 200,000 and it has been proposed to increase the amount to Rs. one million. It is said that in addition to the Rs. 80,000 insurance payment, the government will have to pay an additional sum of nearly Rs.130,000 for each MP to increase the insurance to Rs. one million.

However, the Speaker has decided to delay this for a few months due to the prevailing economic situation in the country.

Also, the House Committee of the Parliament has fully agreed to the proposal to increase the salaries of MPs drivers.

It was further decided to forward the proposal to the Ministry of Public Administration.

A driver of an MP currently gets a basic salary of around Rs 35,000. Saying that this salary is not enough, the MPs have proposed to increase the salary by another Rs. 10,000.

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