Sri Lanka: Insulting the Intelligence Services

The intelligence services are engaging in exemplary duties to ensure the process from obtaining accurate information about the pandemic to the success of the vaccination programme. 


There are misinterpreting the commendable service of Sri Lankan intelligence services in controlling the pandemic. Such irrational insults are attempts to underestimate the national mission of the intelligence services and discourage the men and women behind this national endeavour.  

No doubt, slander is a habit of the human being. No one can avoid them. In his book, “Little Journeys to the Homes of American Statesmen”, Elbert Hubbard, an American philosopher and author, points out that, “If you would escape moral and physical assassination, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” 

Looking at the recent behaviour of most of the media outlets in the country provides the most important evidence to identify how this issue has affected Sri Lanka. Many have become mere critics. They have no solution to any serious social problem but there are narrow criticisms of everything that is happening in the country. 

One of the leading national dailies in the country suggests that the activities of the country’s intelligence services should be subject to parliamentary scrutiny. Such a babe proposal would not be made if there was a basic understanding of the role and responsibilities of the intelligence services in any country. 

The newspaper goes on to say that it is wrong to say that the protests carried out across the country over the past few months have been a major factor in the spread of the coronavirus. According to the newspaper, it is not the job of the intelligence community to control the epidemic. The bizarre editorial of the newspaper states that the service of the intelligence services is not important in controlling the pandemic. It is not clear what purpose the editor and his newspaper hope to achieve. But the damage such meaningless ideas can cause to society is irreparable. 

Just because there is freedom of speech ensured by the constitution and international conventions ratified in the country, does not mean anyone can foul play to deceive the public. If there is no discipline in the words that are written, the messages that are made public are prejudicial. Such words in an obscene language can be interpreted as a breach of professional responsibility. 

The important thing is to understand the gravity of the national calamity we are going through as a nation-state. In such an uncertain situation, one should not abuse one’s rights to achieve narrow goals and personal desires. 

The intelligence services are engaging in exemplary duties to ensure the process from obtaining accurate information about the pandemic to the success of the vaccination programme. Their role has been praised nationally as well as internationally. If these activities were handed over to those in the highly corrupt and inactive manipulators in the National Health Service, Sri Lanka would have become a new epicentre for the coronavirus.  

Our requisition is loud and clear. Try to understand the ground realities before presenting the views instead of slandering the unsung heroes to achieve narrow goals. Let us work together to overcome this national calamity instead of pointing fingers at those few men and women who committed themselves to protect the innocents. 

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