Sri Lanka – New Zealand: The Easter Attack and the Auckland Shopping Mall Attack

The politicization of the Easter attack by Islamic extremists inspired by IS Ideology not only subdues the truth but also makes the enemy more tactful than before. 


Lone wolf attacks (lone actor attacks) in Auckland, New Zealand today is another horrific experience that has provided insight into the ideology maintained and propagated by jihadist terrorists, including Islamic State (IS). In the face of the false arguments of conspiracy theorists, it is vital to look at this incident in a context that challenges the scope of national security in this country.    

The perpetrator of the Auckland shopping mall attacks has been under surveillance by the New Zealand security forces for many years and has been arrested on a previous occasion. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern clarified the attacks and the ideology the attacker was inspired by, the IS ideology. Accordingly, the well-disciplined and media institutions in the country have taken steps to report the relevant incident by maintaining ethics. In a few days, hopefully, no one from the Catholic Church or any other civil rights group will appear in front of the media and say that the Prime Minister or the country’s intelligence chief conspired to carry out the attacks. Fortunately, unlike in Sri Lanka, the majority of the country believes in science and reason rather than myth and conspiracies. 

The man named S by New Zealand media came to the attention of New Zealand police in 2016 after he posted “staunchly anti-Western and violent” material on his social media accounts. Photo NZ Herald

What is important about the Easter attack in Sri Lanka in 2019 is to reach a scientific consensus and build a social discourse despite propagating misconceptions to deceive the public. It is important to reiterate what a Rand analyst told the Sri Lanka Guardian a few days after the attack. The attack was not the result of IS’s choice of Sri Lanka, but the result of the ideology spreads by IS and other jihadist organizations being inspired by Islamic extremists in Sri Lanka. Internal disputes between top government leaders at the time set the stage for the attack. 

But the Cardinal of the Catholic Church, who claim to be the modern Moses for the relief of the victims of this nightmare, and certain groups that use human rights as the sole source of income, are engaging in hideous schemes. From the day of the attack, they carried out a vicious campaign to confuse society and fabricate allegations against people for no apparent scientific reason. 

Any country has a strategic process in which the intelligence services operate. The functions and responsibilities of modern intelligence services have been further complicated, especially by the tools introduced to the market for the exchange of information. In such a social complexity, turning the information into intelligence is a task that needs to be accomplished with great diligence. The politicization of the Easter attack by Islamic extremists inspired by IS Ideology not only subdues the truth but also makes the enemy more tactful than before. 

The primary lesson that the Auckland shopping mall attacks teach us is the difference between man-centric terrorist groups and extremists who believe in an ideology based on immortality. The answer to this serious social threat cannot be found through conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories can only create the environment the enemy needs to make the next attack more subtle. Let us pray to Almighty to open the eyes of His Holiness the Cardinal in Colombo and give him and those who surrounded him the wisdom to leave their nonsensical conspiracy theories. Amen!

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