Sri Lankan Airlines pilots work to rule again!

It is reported that the Sri Lankan Airlines Pilots’ Forum has embarked on a trade union action to work to rule again.

A senior spokesman for the forum told the media that the Sri Lankan Airlines administration had failed to provide a fair solution to its trade union demands and they had to resort to trade union action again.

Accordingly, the pilots of Sri Lankan Airlines are currently only performing the flight duties assigned to them on their flight list and have decided to refrain from performing duties during their annual leave periods and other public holidays.

Meanwhile, it is reported that a number of crises have arisen due to the insufficient number of pilots required to operate Sri Lankan Airlines frequently.

However, it is said that the shortfall has been filled in the past by the pilots’ willingness to serve even on the approved annual leave and other public holidays.

They also say that they have in the past extended their fullest support to the airline by approving changes to their to-do list.

A senior member of the group said that his membership had made a commitment earlier to fly to any country and bring back Sri Lankans, regardless of the risk to themselves or their families.

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