State media bosses paid ignoring govt. circulars!

A certain chairman of a state media institution receives a monthly salary of nearly Rs. 600,000, a government affiliated website reports.

This is in violation of the special circular on salary payments to chairmen and director board members of state institutions (No. ps/sp/ circular/02/2020) which was signed by the President’s Secretary – P.B. Jayasundara on Jan. 12, 2020.

According to the circular, a chairman of a state institution is only entitled to a monthly salary of Rs. 100,000, an official vehicle and a fuel allowance of 150 litres.

Also, the maximum monthly allowance that a board member can receive is Rs. 25,000. They are not entitled to an official vehicle or fuel allowance.

However, the aforementioned chairman of the state media institution had reportedly received a monthly salary of Rs. 200,000, a fuel allowance of Rs. 200,000 and an additional Rs. 100,000 as entertainment and driver allowance.

In addition, 04 director board members have each received Rs. 450,000 monthly, inclusive of allowances. This figure is said to include a salary of Rs. 180,000, a vehicle allowance of Rs. 70,000, a driver’s salary of Rs. 50,000 and the entertainment and driver’s allowance of Rs. 100,000.

Accordingly, it has been revealed that the annual sums paid to this chairman and each of these directors are Rs. 7.2 million and Rs. 5.4 million respectively.

Therefore, a staggering Rs. 21.6 m is spent monthly on all four of these directors in charge of finance, legal, operations and media.

A total of Rs. 22.8 million is spent on all five of them annually. However, if they were paid according to the circular, the figure would stand at Rs. 2.4 million.

Accordingly, it is revealed that this media institution has footed an additional Rs. 20.4 million per annum with the figure standing at Rs. 40.8 million for the last two years.

During the days of the ‘Good Governance’ government, the Directors of Legal and Operations were considered as directors who only attended board meetings.

Employees of this media institution had urged the present government and President to pay the director board as per the circular and slash the unwanted expenses.

The Chairman and directors are said to arrive only after 2.30pm, well after court proceedings of the day are over.

It is reported that the chairman and directors who are engaged in another profession in the mornings, will come for their second job at 2.30pm and return home after 5.00pm.

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