Suspicion on whether protest leaders forcibly occupied five-star hotels!

An internal police investigation has commenced into allegations that the main activists of the Galle Face struggle had forcibly used the rooms of three five-star hotels.

It has been revealed that a group had threatened the hotel management and had forcibly occupied rooms at these hotels throughout the protest period and had been steering the protest from there.

According to internal sources, investigations had revealed that the husband of an actress is also among this group.

An IT engineer who led the satyagraha at Galle Face was also among the group that led the struggle from the five-star hotels. He had also reserved rooms at the hotels under other names.

Investigators have discovered information that these groups have booked hotel rooms by changing their nationalities as foreigners, and threatening the lives of the hotel management if they reveal information about them.

Current investigations have also revealed that the activists involved in the struggle had often met with a group of foreigners who were staying at a star class hotel near the protest site.

Investigations have also revealed that these activists had booked 3-4 rooms per day during the protest.

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