Syria- Poor Living Conditions Propelled Ar-Raqqah Youths into Innovating an Ice Cream Machine

After multiple failing attempts to produce an ice cream machine, a group of youths in Ar Raqqah succeeded in designing a new device following weeks of painstaking efforts. They serve various flavours of ice cream made with natural ingredients, including milk, strawberries, cherries, and Cappuccino, with no artificial colours. People were pleased with the flavours and the eye-catching manner in which they prepare it.

Mohamed Hajj Hassan- the ice cream shop owner said.

We exerted too much effort to make this innovation work out. By our initiative and with no assistance whatsoever, we designed this machine. The machines we previously produced, such as the ice cream on Saaj were expensive, and they have had many glitches in the engine, and therefore, we were determined to design something durable

Life conditions drove us into producing this machine because we needed to make our living. One needs to be innovative and creative to cope with life, and we did everything to create this machine. Some people may criticize us but, in the end, one may succeed or may fail, and we do hope we pleased everyone

We hope to expand our business, especially that people were pleased by the ice cream flavour. We use no artificial colours, and we use natural ingredients along with milk, cappuccino, and cherry juice.

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