Thailand – Baan Nokkamin Initiative, Home for Homeless Children in Thailand

Baan Nokkamin house in Thung Saliam District, Sukhothai Province, Northern of Thailand, embraces homeless children and those suffering from family disintegration issues. It also seeks to empower children and provide them with good care and consultations in addition to addressing their concerns, planning their future and studies so that they become members of Baan Nokkamin dorm instead of going to orphanages or social care places. The idea of establishing the house came from the Swiss missionary, Mr.Erwin Groebli, who couldn’t ignore the homeless children he met in Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok. He rented a room for them in 1989 and then invited their friends to live together, to be a place to launch a family in the manner of Baan Nokkamin.
Source-A24 News

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