The Chief Investigator of Easter Attacks flees the country

 It is revealed that the Chief Inspector of the Easter Commission of Inquiry has fled the country at such a crucial juncture.

by Tissa Ravindra Perera 

The confirmed sources in Police Headquarters in Colombo has revealed that the Chief Investigating Officer of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed to investigate the Easter attack has fled the country. According to reliable sources, the country’s intelligence sources informed the National Security Council that the officer, who was recently promoted to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police, had fled to the United States.

Hadiya, spouse of Zaharan Hashim at the Commission of Inquiry 

It was this official who informed the Easter Commission that Pulastini Mahendran alias Sarah Jasmine, a wife of one of the suicide bombers, had fled to India in a boat from Mannar. The officer presented the spies’ testimony to the commission, claiming that two of his spies had witnessed Sarah’s escape from the Saindamarudu safe house.

It was this officer who told the commission that Sarah Jasmine had been taken away by a police inspector. Accordingly, an inspector was arrested by the said officer. It has now been revealed that this police inspector, who has been in remand custody for two years, has been remanded based on fabricated evidence.

An investigation by the CID and the Terrorism Investigation Division has revealed that Chief Investigating Officer has manipulated the case and sent an innocent officer to jail by fabricating charges in the n anticipation of promotion.  

According to eyewitness accounts of the Easter Commission of Inquiry, the two spies had been in Vavuniya and out of the Eastern Province at the time of the incident.

They later admitted that they had given false evidence at the request of the chief investigator of the Easter Attacks during the interrogation of the two spies. Accordingly, the Police Department has requested the Attorney General to report the matter to the Attorney General as a police inspector is incarcerated at the behest of the Chief Investigating Officer of the Easter Commission of Inquiry and release him.  

It is revealed that the Chief Inspector of the Easter Commission of Inquiry has fled the country at such a crucial juncture.

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