The priest who sexually molested children and sold videos overseas, arrested in Galle!

The Criminal Investigation Department has arrested the head priest (Kapuwa) of Galle, Unawatuna, Mataramba Satara Mahadevalaya, who was allegedly involved in sexually exploiting students of a major college in Galle, filming his acts and selling these videos overseas.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department, the arrested priest is Keerthi Kumara Batagoda, who has been engaged in public lectures on spiritual energy and cosmic energy.

Based on a complaint received by the CID regarding him, its director, Senior Superintendent of Police Kavinda Piyasekera, had entrusted the investigation to the Computer Crime Division.

As a result of a long investigation it was revealed that the Kapuwa paid 30,000 rupees each to bring in school students, sexually abuse them, and send videos of them to foreign countries.

 It has also been revealed that after being molested by the Kapuwa, he gets them to engage in sexual acts and records these too.

The police have already found 09 students who had been sexually abused by him.

It has been revealed that the Kapuwa had paid an O/L student at a leading school in Galle and recruited other students for his acts by enticing them with gifts and money.
However, information regarding this racket had been revealed when the mobile phone belonging to this student had been confiscated by the school management and they had found this explicit content upon examination of the phone.

 However, when the management was examining the content, it had suddenly got erased. But the CID has taken steps to retrieve the erased content.

It is also reported that this priest usually takes these children to luxury apartments in Colombo, Galle and Athurugiriya for his nefarious activities.

Further investigations are underway to identify the foreigners he has sold this content to and also the students that he had used for this illicit racket.

Meanwhile, it is also revealed that the Kapuwa’s Devalaya is a place that was frequented by powerful politicians, VIPs and high ranking officers of the security forces.

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