The Redress Design Award 2023 announces its 10 Finalists, including Sri Lankan Designer

Top 10 emerging circular design talents around the world will show their sustainable collections on the world stage and compete for First Prize
The Redress Design Award 2023 has unveiled its 10 Finalists, representing the world’s top emerging sustainable fashion designers who have stood out among hundreds of applicants. These talented designers will compete at the Grand Final Fashion Show in Hong Kong in September, showcasing their innovative solutions to tackle fashion’s waste problem.
The Redress Design Award is the largest circular fashion design competition in the world, organized by environmental NGO Redress and supported by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK). The competition is unique in showcasing, educating, and empowering emerging designers who are committed to revolutionizing the future of fashion.
“Fashion can be a powerful platform for advocating for a sustainable and equitable world for all.” – Ruwanthi Gajadeera [ Redress]

This year’s 10 Finalists represent nine different regions worldwide, including Sri Lanka. Among them is Ruwanthi Gajadeera, whose collection ‘kaeli – resurgence’ incorporates recycled yarn to create a handloom denim fabric, designed for recyclability with monofibres. The Redress Design Award invites the next generation of designers to use creativity, innovation, and circular design strategies to tackle fashion waste and create a better future for fashion.
The Finalists will join an all-expenses-paid educational trip to Hong Kong in September, where they will defend their collections in front of an international panel of industry-leading judges before showcasing them to the world on the runway of the Grand Final Fashion Show. The winner will have a chance to join global leading fashion brand Timberland by VF Corporation for an exclusive sustainable collaboration.
“We believe fostering talent and innovation is both good for business and a necessity for the future of our planet,” says Sean Cady, VP Global Sustainability and Responsibility at VF Corporation. “Mentoring the next generation of designers [through this competition] is incredibly rewarding.”
Redress’ headquarters being in Hong Kong, and the opportunities it offers to Redress Design Award Alumni in reaching neighbouring Asian countries and regions, are critical advantages in our efforts to push the needle toward a more circular fashion industry.”
To encourage consumer participation in driving sustainability in fashion, the Redress Design Award invited the public to vote online for their favourite Semi-finalist. The winner of the People’s Choice Award 2023, Pavneet Kaur of India, has automatically advanced to the final round of the competition based on receiving the most votes.

The Redress Design Award 2023 Finalists are:
Aya Letzter, Israel
Frances Brunner, USA
Jasmine Leung, Hong Kong
Mandy Fong Sze Man, Hong Kong
Molly Ryan, Australia
Nils Hauser, Germany
Pavneet Kaur, India
Ruwanthi Gajadeera, Sri Lanka
Kim Yanghun, France
Wen Hanzhang, Canada
The 10 Finalists will send their completed collections, including four physical looks and one digital outfit, to Redress for a professional photoshoot with Vogue Hong Kong. The garments will be safely delivered via UPS’ carbon-neutral shipping.
The Redress Design Award 2023 is an essential platform for designers who understand circularity and how the entire fashion supply chain fits together. By showcasing emerging sustainable fashion designers, the Redress Design Award is committed to creating a better future for fashion.
For more information on the Redress Design Award 2023, please visit the website at

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