Trade minister oblivious to supermarket scams fleecing the public!

A racket is said to be going on these days in supermarkets to exploit the public, who are already suffering from the ever-increasing prices of consumer goods.

Due to the increase in fuel prices and the value of the dollar appreciating, the price of consumer goods has risen reasonably, but in comparison, the prices of rice, sugar, lentils, biscuits, soap, butter, sweetened drinks, milk powder, liquid milk, chicken, eggs, etc. in supermarkets have been raised unfairly, consumers have complained.

They allege that there is absolutely no price control and that the trade minister and the Consumer Affairs Authority are maintaining their silence on this matter.
In many instances it was found that supermarkets have relabeled items that were for sale prior to the price hike and are selling them at higher prices or in some instances charging the customers the new increased price at the billing counter.

The following video is an ideal example of the racket carried out by supermarkets.

Hence, the public requests the trade minister or Consumer Affairs Authority to look into this matter and take required steps to rectify it immediately.

Nalin Fernando is the Minister of Trade, Commerce and Food Security.

Nalin Fernando, who holds the post of Minister of Trade, was also remanded due to complaints received regarding the misuse of Sathosa vehicles for election work during the 2015 presidential election while serving as the Chairman of Lak Sathosa.

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