Two arrested over Aliwatte Asitha’s murder!

Two suspects who aided and abetted the killing of Aliwatte Asitha, who was shot dead in Mattakkuliya on August 30, were arrested by the police.

The victim is said to have been killed on a contract of Mattakkuliye Nipuna, an organized criminal based in Dubai.

It has been revealed that the murder was a result of continued conflicts Nipun had with his paramour.

The Colombo North Criminal Investigation Unit arrested the suspects who have led the way for Asitha’s killing and have made a phone call to Asitha in order to bring him outside from his house.

Several other suspects, including the shooter, have been identified and it is reported that police investigations are underway to arrest them.

Asitha’s murder in Aliwatte is the 29th murder in a chain of underworld murders.

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