Was Derana’s YouTube channel actually hacked? (Update)

Suspicion has been raised on whether the alleged cyber attack on the TV Derana YouTube channel is a publicity stunt.

The alleged cyber attack was announced via TV Derana’s  Twitter, which in turn got many YouTubers questioning its authenticity. 

Shehani Vlogs (Shashi Vlogs) is one such YouTuber who released a video “Did you get fooled into believing that TV Derana YouTube channel got hacked? Here’s the real story”. 
At the time of the so-called cyber attack, the logo of the channel changed, 700,000 posts disappeared and a bitcoin related video was broadcast live. 

Shehani Vlogs and other YouTubers have opined that such a live broadcast could take place without total channel access been granted and with only streaming privileges. The rest of what occurred during the alleged hacking incident could be done by anyone with access to the account. 
For what purpose?

The YouTubers believe that this is an attempt to gain further publicity and generate income by Search Engine Optimization that would occur as more people search for TV Derana on Google in an attempt to find out more details about the cyber attack. 
Listen to this YouTube video for more details: 

[embedded content]

No formal complaint yet

No formal complaint in this regard has been lodged at the Police as yet and the official website of TV Derana too has not published any information on this.


(Previous news 29 August 2021, 23:41 p.m.)

TV Derana YouTube channel hacked

The YouTube channel of TV Derana has been hacked.

In a Tweet, the channel says that their digital team is working to restore the channel.

TV Derana

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