Who went with 8 backup vehicles? Wasn’t me, says Basil

Finance minister Basil Rajapaksa had met with heads of state media institutions last Friday for discussions as the ministry prepares for Budget 2022.

Minister of Mass Media – Dulles Alahapperuma, as well as the secretaries of the Finance and media ministries had been present.

During talks, Mr. Rajapaksa had revealed a recent incident experienced by his brother – President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

‘Irida Divaina’ had reported Basil’s story as follows :

“The President was on his way somewhere when one side of a four-way junction with traffic lights had been closed. The President gets quite angry when he sees such things.  Angrily he had scolded his security members asking why one side of a road is closed to let him pass. But it seems it was not the doing of the PSD.  Amid the scoldings, the PSD officers had gone to find out the reason behind this and to report back to the President.”

“It seems, moments before the President’s arrival in the junction, a minister had passed with his entourage which included 08 backup vehicles. That was why the road had been closed.”

“When such things happen, it is the President who gets blamed by the public. So who is this minister,” it had been asked.

It’s not me, Basil had said, promptly followed by Dulles who had also said it was not him,  much to the amusement of the gathering.

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